Thursday, January 3, 2008


Hello everyone. We'd like to say that as of right now we've received more than 50 orders for the jams. We're dealing with them on a first come basis and if orders get dropped we'll let you know for sure. Thanks very much to everyone for the nice words and thanks very much to everyone for getting in touch.
Also we will be away traveling this week so we wont be as on top of the emails as usual. Well be able to resume normal service starting the 15 of January.

Take good care everyone and good 2008.

Noah and Fernanda


Robbles said...

you guys get more and more inspiring by the fucking second.

like the flu said...

I love your blog. You guys always got good stuff to post.

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cpr said...

Please please make more. I want all of them!


tita said...

yours swatshirts are great. please make more for me and other people!!!

jjjodiez said...

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that I love your creations!

So much in fact, that I did a feature on your art in -

Your article got quite a few hits, so I hope the extra attention brings you something special.

Kind regards,
Jodie Anderson.

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Anonymous said...

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Luke Leon said...

message for panda bear, you are amazing dude. u guys make the smartest most innovative music. one and only band i will always say is my absolute favorite. youve made me want to quit making music at times and inspired me to write some of my favorite pieces at others. i dont have a problem with any of your songs. theyre all made to their full potential. and get the point across.the lyrics... i wont even try to type how thought provoking and emotion evoking they are. sung the most perfect way for each song. your voice especially im so attracted to (no homo). 2nd favorite band is beach boys. and i cant help but love the resemblance. the harmonies are so incredible. the complete 360s that some songs take midway through. always full of music filled with random but fitting sounds. all your damn albums and ep's, so different yet true to who youve always been. consistantly surprising. its all made me push myself to practicing music more and more. im also a multi-instrumentalist/singer. i see music and everything from every angle there is. and you guys make music for all the right reasons. its apparent how hard youve worked, how smart and intellectual you all are, and how much you love music and sharing it with anyone that would accept it. youre songs are the only ones i can never "skip" when my ipods on random. just what im saying is im into music for a lot of good reasons. and i feel like you guys are too. so basically youve accomplished my respect and admiration. u have a special place in my itunes forever. hope this message works. thank you. -luke 9093737990

fahrenheit Indtech said...

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